Bad Software: Overview

Bad Software: Table of contents

Bad Software: Chapter 1

Customer Satisfaction: Liability for Bad Software and Support. SSPA Executive Forum, October 1997.

Customer Satisfaction: Software Customer Dissatisfaction. May, 1997.

UCC Article 2B:Detailed objections to August 1, 1998 Article 2B draft.

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UCC Article 2B: Defining a serious bug under 2B

UCC Article 2B: What remedies are available to customers

UCC Article 2B: Hypothetical examples–how 2B treats breach of warranty

UCC Article 2B: Letter: Controversy over consumer-side publicity of 2B issues.

Digital Signatures: The Insecurity of the Digital Signature, September, 1997.

Law of Software Quality: Quality cost analysis: benefits and risks. The economics of software quality.

Law of Software Quality: Software negligence and testing coverage

Law of Software Quality: Liability for defective documentation

Law of Software Quality: Liability for defective content

Law of Software Quality: Computer malpractice Law of Software Quality: Lawsuits, lawyers, and quality-related costs

Software Testing Contracts: Dispute resolution

Software Testing Contracts: Indemnification and warranties

Software Testing Contracts: Outsourcing successfully

Software Testing Contracts: Outsourcing checklist